The Liberty Circle

by Phil Campagna

Nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award in the category of Best Juvenile Mystery!

Nominated for a Saskatchewan Book Award!

"...the pace is fast, the material gripping, the style direct and absorbing. The Liberty Circle will spark many a spirited discussion." -Quill and Quire

A hard-hitting young adult novel on the topic of racism

Life at home isn't easy for sixteen-year-old Corey. When he sees an ad for a retreat called Camp Liberty, he can't wait to get away. But Corey has no idea of what he's in for, as he and his fellow campers are brainwashed into joining a racist Aryan cult. In the end, he not only hurts his family and friends but is also forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about himself. And there's another price to be paid; the Liberty Circle knows he's betrayed them, and they're coming after him...

ISBN 978-0929141-69-5 / Ages 14+ / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 248 pages / $8.95 CDN, $7.95 U.S.