May 2011 Titles


by Karen Hood-Caddy

Can a twelve-year-old make a difference for animals?

Twelve-year-old Robin will never get over her mother's death. Nor will she forgive her father for moving the family to a small town to live with a weird grandmother. At her new school, Robin is laughingly called "Green Girl" because of an award she received and is taunted relentlessly. She decides not to care about anyone or anything. But when her pregnant dog plunges into the frozen lake, she saves the dog and hence the puppies. Robin finds she can't stop herself from caring. She begins rescuing wild animals and rehabilitates them in the barn.

Robin’s father forbids her to take in more, but she rescues some skunks anyway and hides them. Other animals arrive, and soon she’s running an illegal animal shelter. When she's found out, Robin mounts a campaign to save her shelter. Will she have the guts to stand against the whole town?

ISBN: 978-1-926607-25-2, $9.95, 5.125 x 7.5, trade paper, 192 pages, for ages 11+

The Time Thief

by Angela Dorsey

What's hers is hers...forever

One evening as twelve-year-old Mika walks to her friend's house, she hears a cat yowl and goes to rescue it. With the cat she calls Angel safe at Mika's home, strange things begin to happen. Someone seems to be watching the house and a dark presence stalks her in the woods.

While Mika is at school, Angel is claimed by her past owner. Mika is broken-hearted and worried for the gentle little cat. When Mika and her friend go to Angel's house, they find her trying to scratch her way out. They free her, but not before Angel’s mysterious owner sees them. After a narrow escape, Mika thinks the problem is solved. But then one of her brothers goes missing.

Does Mika have the courage to save both her brother and Angel? Or will the darkly gifted, cruel woman claim them all?

ISBN: 978-1-926607-27-6, $9.95, 5.125 x 7.5, trade paper, 152 pages, for ages 10+