by Peggy Dymond Leavey

The Osler family has just moved into the old Clifton House, with its unusual little rooftop room. Dropping in at his dad’s shop, Joel overhears a stranger demanding money. Suddenly, it looks like they might lose the house. If that happens, Joel won’t be able to keep his dog. He is desperate for a solution. Can the house’s historical connections provide the answer?

ISBN 978-1-894917-71-1, $9.95 CDN, $9.95 U.S., 152 pages, ages 9+, 5.125” x 7.5”, softcover

Three strange symbols could lead to buried treasure ...

Rather than face the consequences of his attempted shoplifting, twelve-year-old Joel Osler leaves his mother’s home in Toronto to go live with his dad and stepmother in Turtle Narrows. He hopes to make a fresh start in the little lakeside town. On the way, he meets a man who shows him the map with its three clues.

Joel finds an unlikely ally in the fiercely independent Paige Duggan, a Grade Seven classmate at the school he now attends. Paige lives with her guardian and a growing number of rescued animals in a tiny cottage they call the Mousehole. In an effort to avoid his stepmother and hoping for a dog-walking job like Paige’s, Joel volunteers to work at the local animal shelter.

Joel’s past mistakes come back to haunt him when a silver compass disappears from the teacher’s desk. Is he destined to be the number one suspect every time something goes missing? Joel shows Paige the drawings he remembers from the map, and the two team up to match wits against the man, hoping to discover the meaning of the three clues before he does.

ISBN 978-1-894917-49-0 / softcover / 152 pages / ages  9-12 / $9.95 CDN., $8.95 U.S.

Nominated for a Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award!

Thirteen-year-old Norah Bingham and her mother plan to spend Christmas in the country with Caroline Stoppard, Norah's great-aunt. When her mother is called away on business, Norah goes on her own to stay with the aunt, someone she has never even met. From the start, the woman makes it plain that she does not welcome Norah’s company, nor that of Norah's cousins, Andrew and Becca, who arrive two days later. The isolated Stoppard mansion is as dismal as the Ontario winter. But the cousins soon discover there are puzzles to solve. Great-aunt Caroline has many secrets. Among them is the identity of the boy Norah sees in the backyard. Who is he? And why is he watching the house?

ISBN 978-1894917-21-6 / Softcover / For ages 9 and up / 144 pages / $8.95 CDN, $7.95 U.S.

An Honour Finalist for the 2004 Silver Birch Award! Shortlisted for Best Juvenile Mystery in the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Awards!

"has a crisp, lively plot...The characters are engaging, and the backdrop of small-town deftly and sketched." -Quill and Quire

"a finely crafted and thoughtful junior mystery novel that will captivate a wide-ranging exciting read that will be a welcome addition to public and school libraries alike." -Resource Links

Twelve-year-old Martin Jessup, teller of tall tales and other untruths, cannot understand his sister's objections to the family's move from Winnipeg to small-town Ontario. With Dad in the military, moving is a fact of life. Settling into his new home, Martin is intrigued by a deserted house across the street and by an unfriendly neighbour, who seems to be waiting for something to happen. Martin and new friends Granger and Holly form a club that meets in the deep end of an empty swimming pool. The friends tell Martin that the deserted house is all that remains of the Govier estate and about an unsolved mystery - the disappearance years ago of Victor Govier. One night, Martin sees a light in the deserted house and the adventures of the Deep End Gang begin.

This gentle small-town mystery will appeal to admirers of Peggy Dymond Leavey's Silver Birch Award-nominated Sky Lake Summer.

ISBN 978-0929141-89-3 / Ages 9 and up / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 128 pages / Cdn. $8.95, U.S. $7.95

It was never easy being a teenager...

" the end...has achieved an ambition and firmness of purpose that is both believable and acceptable...well worth reading..." -Canadian Materials

It's an exciting time for seventeen-year-old Libby, as she announces to her aunt that she plans to leave Toronto in the 1950s to spend the summer living alone in the empty family home in Pinkney Corners. Libby is determined to make it on her own and to spend some time honing her skills as a writer so that she can become a novelist and journalist like her deceased mother.

But living alone can be a challenge. Libby makes a little money working at the five and dime, but the local paper can't afford to hire. And then there's the strange men that she sees on the property, and the uncomfortable attentions of the store's assistant manager. But there are some bright spots in the summer - new friendships and the possibility of romance with handsome Michael, her best friend's brother.

Libby is put to the test when she stands up against sexual harassment from her boss and writes an article on it for the paper, running the risk of losing her job and the respect of the community.

ISBN 978-0929141-91-6 / Softcover / Ages 13+ / 5 1/8 " x 7 1/2 " / 184 pages / $8.95 CDN, $7.95 U.S.

Shortlisted for the 1999 Silver Birch Award and nominated for a Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award!

"This is a great read. Leavey offers a great plot that fluctuates from the past to the present. Sky Lake Summer is a very human tale of relationships, intertwined with a compelling and dramatic story line..." -Canadian Content

"[a] fine novel about a young girl who finds out who she is by uncovering the identity of a long lost letter writer. Highly recommended." -Canadian Book Review Annual

"Sky Lake Summer is a low-key, thoughtful mystery". -Quill and Quire

"Readers will be lucky to have Leavey's books on their summer reading lists." -Canadian Children's Literature

Thirteen-year-old Jane Covington doesn't want to go to Sky Lake to visit her grandmother for the summer holidays - she wants to visit her father in the north. But when she returns to the cottage on the lake with the tall cliff, she is happy to be back in the golden country sunshine. However, Jane soon involves herself in a mystery when she finds a seventy-year-old cry for help in the form of a very old letter. She traces it to the story of a suspicious fire that took place long ago. With the help of her friend Corrie and the troubled, handsome Jess, Jane researches the age-old mystery to an exciting conclusion. This suspenseful tale will appeal to all pre-teens who love the fun of the outdoors and a good mystery.

ISBN 978-0929141-64-0 / Softcover / Ages 10 and up / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 184 pages / Cdn. $7.95, US $6.95

Who are the strangers Wren sees in the mirror? And why are they appearing to her? Twelve-year-old Wren Ferris thinks the mirror she finds in the abandoned old movie studio will make a good souvenir. Never having known that her home town of Trenton, Ontario had long ago been one of the movie-making capitals of the world, she is enthralled by the thought of the old movie stars who might have gazed into this very mirror. She is determined to have it. Even after she sees the reflection of a strange man standing behind her. A man who isn't there!

ISBN 978-0929141-55-8 / Ages 10 and up / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 104 pages / Cdn. $6.95, US $5.95

"The strength of this story lies in its honest depiction of life with an Alzheimer's sufferer. It weaves facts about the disease into the plot in a non-didactic way that will help middle-grade readers understand and sympathize with such problems. Parents and teachers looking for a way to introduce children to the subject will find this a useful tool." -Quill and Quire

"Leavey has written a perceptive novel about dealing with Alzheimer's and the effects of this illness on a family." -Canadian Materials

Thirteen-year-old Mark Rogers knew that his Grandpa Luigi had Alzheimer's but he hadn't counted on it turning his life upside-down. When his mother suggests that the two of them move in with Grandpa and help care for him, Mark reluctantly agrees because his grandfather has always been something of a hero to him. He doesn't know, however, how strange Grandpa's behaviour has become or that the kids in his new school have a nickname for him: Crazy Luigi.

ISBN 978-0929141-23-7 / Ages 9-12 / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 120 pages / Cdn. $6.95, US $5.95