Pat Wilson and Kris Wood, authors of Lucky Strike, have been friends for over thirty years, although they’ve seldom lived near each other. Instead, they’ve run businesses, written stories, and collaborated on a multitude of projects all through mail, email, fax, telephone and the occasional brief visit.

During a “get-away” break in 1994, Pat and husband encountered Nova Scotia for the first time. They bought a home the next day. Two years later, long-time friend and writing partner, Kris and her husband bought the house next door.

Since that time, Pat and Kris have co-authored several short stories for mystery collections by the Ladies Killing Circle, and two full-length books on Maritime subjects.

Pat Wilson is owner and executive director of three international companies providing in-house training and resources to a wide variety of organizations. She is an international speaker—her workshops, seminars, weekend programmes and keynotes have been enjoyed around the world. Pat is the author of eleven books, as well as of the best-selling motivational program, “Living in Excellence”. Her down-to-earth humourous speaking style has earned her kudos from the top corporations in North America.

Pat was born in England and came to Canada when she was three years old. Since then, she has lived in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. In 2003, she retired to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Kris Wood is a Certified Gerontologist, as well as an instructor in the Art of Movement. She is well-known for her easy speaking style and her genuine interest in women’s issues. She is an Associate Director of On-Target Training and Executive Director of Cross Track, both businesses which operate internationally in the training field.

Kris was born and educated in Britain. In 1967, she moved to Toronto. She obtained her Certificate of Gerontology from the University of Alberta. After a holiday in 1996, Kris and her husband moved to Nova Scotia.