RVC Mystery Authors in the news:

Ellery Queen Magazine has reviewed first time author, Steven Owad's title, Bodycheck, saying "In a strong Canadian debut... the multiplicity of suspects, and encounters with various colourful antagonists out of Elmore Leonard will keep you turning the pages." (March/April 2006)

Storyteller Magazine has reviewed the new Ladies' Killing Circle anthology, When Boomer's Go Bad in their Winter 2006 issue, remarking, "...in terms of character, and in gradations from dark to light, there's an amazing amount of variety - surely lots of stories for every taste!"

Giller-nominated author Joan Barfoot reviewed Mel Bradshaws's recent title, Quarrel With the Foe in the February 18th edition of the London Free Press saying, "From its brief but powerful descriptions of First World War horrors to its careful but lively depictions of Toronto life in the 1920s, the book is a winner. Beyond that, and more importantly, Bradshaw has written a compelling literary examination of some important moral matters. The word "honour" doesn't crop up much these days - nor does it in Quarrel With The Foe - but it's nevertheless the main and troubling concern of this very fine novel."