The Meg Harris Mysteries
by R.J. Harlick

Arctic Blue Death

"The fourth book in the excellent Meg Harris series by Ottawa author R.J. Harlick is the best... Harlick has a great plot here

and she takes it and runs. -The Globe and Mail

The sparsely populated Arctic is no stranger to murder
The fourth in the Meg Harris series by Ottawa's R.J. Harlick, Arctic Blue Death follows Meg's adventures into the Candian Arctic as she searches for the truth about the disappearance of her father when she was a child.

Many years ago, her father's plane had gone missing in the Arctic and he was never seen again. What happened on that fateful flight? Thirty-six years later, her mother receives some strange Inuit drawings that suggest he might have survived. Intent on discovering the answers, no matter how painful, Meg travels to Iqaluit to find the artist and is sucked into the world of Inuit art forgery.

Arctic Blue Death is not only a journey into Meg's past and the events that helped shape the person she is today, but it's also a journey into the land of the Inuit and the culture that has sustained them for thousands of years.

ISBN 978-1-894917-87-2, $16.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S., 296 pages, 5 1/8” x 7 1/2”, trade paper

The River Runs Orange

"Along with an extra paddle, this little Meg Harris mystery should be an essential part of everyone's whitewater kit."

-Ottawa Citizen

"With great skill, Harlick slides one set of tensions over another...filled with action and suspense." - Halifax Chronicle-Herald

A fight over ancient bones leads to murder

In the third action-packed thriller of the West Quebec series, Meg Harris is back more determined than ever to fight against injustice, but sometimes the line between right and wrong is fuzzy. 

During a wild, whitewater paddle down a wilderness river, Meg discovers the skull and bones of a woman whose very existence takes the archeological world by storm. But when her neighbours, the Migiskan Algonquin, declare their rights to the ancient remains, Meg becomes embroiled in a fight that pits ancient beliefs against modern ones and can only lead to murder. As Meg races to catch the killer, she finds herself once more daring the river’s fury, this time with the added horror of a raging forest fire.

In this book R.J. Harlick explores the controversy surrounding ancient human remains. Who owns them, the museums that house the archeological finds or the First Nations descendents? Should they be used to further man’s knowledge or returned to the earth to maintain peace and harmony? Questions to which there are no easy answers, as Meg Harris discovers when she tries to balance her love for Eric Odjik and her friendship with the Migiskan with her beliefs as a modern woman.

ISBN 978-1894917-62-9 / 296 pages / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $15.95 CDN, $15.95 U.S.

Red Ice for a Shroud

A young Québécoise sneaks off to meet her Algonquin lover in an isolated hunting camp on the Migiskan Reserve. Five days later, Meg Harris discovers her frozen and brutalized body. The young Native is charged with her murder, and Meg feels responsible, since the young woman was a member of a crew which was helping her to clear some ski trails.

Meanwhile both Meg and her friend, band chief Eric, are faced with another disaster. Someone is supplying the band's children with drugs. Are the events connected? Meg, convinced of the innocence of the young man in the death of his lover, sets out to find the real killer against a backdrop of police prejudice.

ISBN 978-1894917-38-4 / 360 pages / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $14.95 CDN, $12.95 U.S.

Death's Golden Whisper

"Death's Golden Whisper blends greed, native spirituality and a critique of how modern culture continues to encroach on paradise within a gripping murder mystery. The first-person narration, crisp dialogue, and stark atmosphere bring the reader effortlessly into the world of Meg Harris." - Montreal Review of Books

In the remote wilderness of West Quebec, where trees outnumber people a million to one and lakes a thousand to one, Death's Golden Whisper opens with the sudden arrival of float planes bringing what Meg Harris believes are fishermen to the isolated northern lake she lives on. Within hours, she discovers that these men have come to develop a gold mine. She combines forces with Eric Odjik, chief of the neighbouring Migiskan reserve, to fight the mining company. The mine splits the Migiskan band into two opposing forces and ignites events that threaten Meg and lead to the mysterious disappearance of her friend Marie. As the search for Marie becomes more frustrating, another story unfolds and Meg discovers the mystery behind the intense feelings that bound her great-aunt to this lonely land until the day she died.

ISBN 978-1894917-11-7 / 264 pages / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $12.95 CDN, $10.95 U.S.