The Ladies' Killing Circle Anthologies

When Boomers Go Bad

Edited by Sue Pike, Joan Boswell and Linda Wiken

"The latest short story collection from the Ladies' Killing Circles of writers is as varied and amusing as ever... The theme, the aging boomer generation, is terrific and the ladies take full advantage of the possibilities." - Globe & Mail

"...wickedly good mysteries by some of the most talented crime writers in the country." - Ottawa Citizen

" terms of characters, and in gradations from dark to light, there's an amazing amount of variety - surely lots of stories for every taste." - Storyteller Magazine

"The stories twist and turn in ways both imaginative and inventive." - Edmonton Journal

This newest anthology of short crime fiction from the Ladies' Killing Circle takes a spirited look at baby boomers as they go from young, hairy and hip to old, bald and bad. The children of the sixties are are up to no good in another wicked anthology from this prolific collective of writers. The editors, themselves celebrated short crime fiction writers, have assembled such luminaries of crime fiction as Barbara Fradkin, H. Mel Malton, Vicki Cameron and Melanie Fogel, as well as Arthur Ellis Award winners Barbara Fradkin, Mary Jane Maffini and Sue Pike .

ISBN 978-1894917-31-5 / trade paper / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $14.95 CDN, $12.95 U.S / 290 pages

Bone Dance

A Collection of Musical Mysteries

Edited by Sue Pike and Joan Boswell

" of the best bargains on the shelves - the latest words from Canada's remarkable Ladies' Killing Circle." -The Ottawa Citizen

Liz Palmer's "When Laura Smiles" was shortlisted for Best Short Story in the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Awards!

Music may soothe the savage breast, but in this fifth collection of witty and wicked crime fiction from the Ladies' Killing Circle, music provides the background for tales of murder and mayhem. Eighteen stories by Canadian women crime writers along with poems from Joy Hewitt Mann take their inspiration from titles as varied as the upbeat "Wake Up Little Suzie" through the romantic "Summertime" and musicals such as "There's No Business Like Show Business". It's a collection you won't want to put down until you've read every one and hummed all the tunes. You'll never listen to your favourite songs again without wondering what nefarious deeds they may have inspired.

ISBN 978-1894917-05-6 / trade paper / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $14.95 CDN, $12.95 U.S / 290 pages

Fit to Die

A Crime and Mystery Collection

Edited by Joan Boswell and Sue Pike

"[a] lethal little anthology...readers can sweat over a delightfully wicked collection...a treasury of 25 criminally good stories and poems, written as a warning to anyone even thinking of trading that plumber's butt and jelly belly for robust glutes and a six pack." -The Ottawa Citizen

Featuring Mary Jane Maffini's Arthur Ellis Award-winning story "Sign of the Times", and runner-up Barbara Fradkin's "Double Trouble"

It doesn't always pay to be in shape...

Sport, fitness, games and murder are the main themes of this collection of wicked and witty crime fiction and poetry by the Ladies' Killing Circle, who brought you Menopause is Murder and Cottage Country Killers. From the gym to the golf course to the supposedly peaceful practice of tai chi, murder, rage and revenge refuse to respect the human quest for immortality through fitness and can victimize the most tanned and toned bodies as easily as those of couch potatoes and gourmands. Excessive good health can lead to an early demise in this energetic new anthology.

You'll watch your back in the hot tub after reading this book...

ISBN 978-09291410-87-9 / trade paper / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $14.95 CDN, U.S. $12.95 / 288 pages