The Ladies Killing Circle is an Ottawa phenomenon.

In the 1990s, a six-member critiquing group knew their mystery short stories were good and should be out there for people to read. Vicki Cameron, whose non-fiction had been published by General Store proposed that the six women who became the Ladies’ Killing Circle, prepare a book for the editor’s consideration. He jumped at the chance and, in 1995, The Ladies’ Killing Circle with stories from 12 woman and wonderful poems by Joy Hewitt Mann appeared. Mary Jane Maffini’s story, "Cotton Armour", won the Arthur Ellis best short story award and the Globe and Mail reviewed The Ladies' Killing Circle favourably.

In 1997, they accepted submissions form across the country for Cottage Country Killers and Sue Pike won the Arhtur Ellis for "Widow’s Weeds." Mary Jane Maffini won her second Arthur for her story in Menopause Is Murder, published in 1999.

Stories in the next two books, Fit To Die and Bone Dance, published by RendezVous Press, were short-listed for the Arthur. Their sixth book, When Boomers Go Bad, was published in the fall of 2005, and the latest collection, Going Out With a Bang, was released in the fall of 2008.

Sadly, Audrey Jessup, a founding member of LKC died before Bone Dance was published. She continues to be missed.

Individual members of the Ladies’ Killing Circle went on to have many short stories and books published and win prizes. Two of the Ladies bought and one now operates Ottawa’s mystery book store, Prime Crime. The group continues to meet, critique and (it has to be said), to have fun.

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