by Mary Jane Maffini

Law and Disorder

More murderous mayhem in Canada's capital

One of Canada's best-loved sleuths returns in her sixth hair-raising adventure. Victims' advocate Camilla MacPhee is following the trial of Lloyd Brugel, a ruthless criminal kingpin charged with a fatal firebombing. She’s looking forward to seeing him convicted, but when his sleazy counsel is found dead, it conveniently delays the proceedings. The lawyer, no saint himself, was drowned and shot. In case that message was too subtle, an old joke featuring dead lawyers shows up.

Camilla soon learns the victim was not the only member of the Ottawa legal profession whose death was heralded by a tasteless attempt at humour. Is Brugel reaching from behind the bars of the regional detention centre to manipulate his trial and to exact revenge?

Camilla does her stubborn best to head off the killer, hampered by her annoying assistant, the police, her bossy sisters and the arrival of her possible stepdaughters-to-be for the Dragon Boat Races.

296 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-1894917-86-5 / Cdn. $16.95, U.S. $16.95

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The Dead Don't Get Out Much

Shortlisted for the Barry Awards, Best Paperback Mystery Novel!

"... a sassy little novel ... a complicated plot ... it all works beautifully." -- Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

Remembrance Day is a proud day for Camilla MacPhee's good friend, Mrs. Violet Parnell, one of five thousand Canadian women to go overseas during World War II. But the next day she has vanished. Camilla, with only a few letters and documents to guide her, follows her friend to Tuscany, chasing though historic towns, across high promontories and along steep mountain roads. Vanishing old partisans and Allied aircraft crash sites keep Camilla hopping as she tries to find Mrs. P. before someone with a deadly serious reason to keep the past hidden finds her first. The fifth Camilla MacPhee takes the irascible Ottawa lawyer's adventures to an exotic new locale, with the usual murderous results.

344 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-1894917-30-8 / Cdn. $13.95, U.S. $12.95

The Devil's in the Details

"...the readership for confections like Mary Jane Maffini's camilla MacPhee series is enormous. fans will be delighted with this fourth book. Readers who haven't yet encountered the clever Ms. MacPhee will find it an excellent place to begin." - The Globe and Mail

"Maffini has been called Canada's answer to Janet Evanovich for a reason. The Devil's in the Details is a quick, entertaining read." - Reviewing the Evidence

"Here's comic crime at it's best..." - The Ottawa Citizen

It's Labour Day, Camilla's favourite weekend of the year. She's planning to relax and ponder what's happening in her relationship with policman Sgt. Ray Deveau. She's emphatically not planning to get involved in anything that means trouble. No wonder the news that an old acquaintance has had an accident comes as a surprise. There must be some mistake. By the time Camilla unearths Laura's connection to a violent revolutionary group active two decades earlier, she's had several blows to the head and discovered that people she’s been talking to keep ending up dead. Someone will do anything to keep Laura's connections secret. Getting arrested is the least of Camilla's problems.

328 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-1894917-12-4 / Cdn. $13.95, U.S. $11.95

Little Boy Blues

"...a pleasant and challenging read...supported by well-defined ancillary characters and some engaging subplots." - Quill and Quire

In the third Camilla MacPhee Mystery, Camilla's looking forward to cutting loose at Ottawa's Bluesfest, the huge open-air extravaganza, and to seeing the tail end of her annoying office assistant, Alvin, who is finally quitting. Then the news comes from the East Coast. Alvin's younger brother Jimmy has vanished from the midst of a Canada Day crowd in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Is he dead? Has he been abducted?

Sleuthing irritably about Sydney on Alvin's behalf, Camilla manages to make the usual quota of people froth at the mouth, including Jimmy's frantic family, forlorn friends and puzzled teachers. She doesn't spare the parish priest or even the guy at the chip stand. Before Camilla knows it, all roads lead back to Ottawa, where a killer with everything to lose waits to create havoc among the tents, guitar-pickers and happy, swaying crowds. If Camilla doesn't sort out this whole mess, how many other people are going to die?

344 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-0929141-94-7 / Cdn. $12.95, U.S. $10.95

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The Icing on the Corpse

"MacPhee, a lovable character if ever there was one, rushed to protect the former girlfiriend of a wife batterer...As well as an entertaining whodunit, any Ottawa mystery lover couldn't help but find this an endearing, homespun tale for the keeping." - The Ottawa CItizen

In the second Camilla MacPhee mystery, it's now forty below in Canada's capital, but victims' advocate Camilla is feeling the heat. When a savage serial batterer goes on the rampage looking for revenge against his former girlfriend, the terrified woman turns to Camilla and Justice for Victims for help. But a sudden change of fortune causes her client to really feel the chill. Camilla wades into the investigation, now one of murder, and gets a frosty reception from the police. Soon everyone connected with the case is either cooling their heels behind bars or trying to avoid cold storage in the morgue. Camilla's really skating on thin ice looking for this killer - literally.

336 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-0929141-81-7 / Cdn. $12.95, U.S. $10.95

Speak Ill of the Dead

"Mary Jane Maffini is a writer to savour..." - Gail Bowen

Shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel!

Camilla MacPhee is the black sheep of her perfect, blonde family, although she runs a law office specializing in Justice for Victims of violent crimes. However, her uneasy association with the world of crime takes a bizarre turn when a vicious, vindictive fashion columnist with underworld connections named Mitzi Brochu is crucified in a downtown hotel room. The problem is that Camilla's best friend Robin was on her way to meet the victim, and has become the main suspect.

Camilla sets out to vindicate her friend, but finding the real killer isn't easy, as just about anyone among the politicians and supermodels skewered by Mitzi's rapier wit could be said to have had ample motive. The investigation turns dangerous, as Camilla receives cryptic warnings while following a grisly killer's trail marked by more murders of humans and felines. The cast of characters includes a sleazy rock promoter, a nosy, sherry-mad old lady, a suave but mysterious hotel manager, a grumpy Mountie, and several manipulative sisters in this seriously funny first mystery novel by Mary Jane Maffini.

304 pages / 5 1/8 x 7 1/2 / ISBN 978-0929141-65-7 / Cdn. $11.95, U.S. $9.95