Yesterday's Santa and the Chanukah Miracle

by Sarah Hartt-Snowbell, illustrations by Patty Gallinger

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"...a warm story about acceptance of other customs, learning to hold on to one’s own customs in a larger, different environment, and especially about learning to help others in need...the art by Patty Gallinger is detailed and done in deep tones to create a warm setting...What is especially pleasing about these drawings is that they present a very typical family in a very typical home...a welcome story to read during the holiday season when cultures should co-exist, but often seem to collide. Recommended." -Canadian Materials Magazine

"...does an excellent job of giving insight into the Jewish holiday...The text flows along well and you can 'hear' the conversations that occur between the family around the table as if you were sitting right there...the feelings of family, the loving spirit of giving and thinking of others, and the story of acceptance are definitely the touching parts of this book...The illustrations are quite lovely and complement the text quite well..This book would be a worthwhile addition to any collection." -Resource Links Magazine

"This lighthearted treatment of the 'December Dilemma' makes its point with readers who will empathize with a child like themselves in a familiar contemporary setting. The realistic illustrations reflect that setting and portray an appealing cast of characters." -Jewish Book World

A story of acceptance and friendship

Annie can't believe her eyes! The "Santa" in the mall looks so much like her grandfather's friend, Simon. A Jewish Santa? Annie lines up to get a closer look - and ends up "placing an order".

Simon Greenbaum, flat broke, has taken the job at the Winter Castle to earn a few dollars between jobs, he tells her. And after all, with his long white beard, he looks just like Santa already. "Don't breathe a word to your Zaideh that you saw me here," he says. "If you don't tell him that I'm a Santa Claus, I won't tell him what you asked for. It's a deal?"

When Annie's parents find out, however, that she has placed an order with Santa for a Christmas tree, they are disappointed and tell Annie that she must learn to be her own person and stand up for her own beliefs in order to earn the respect of others.

Meanwhile, Annie wants to help Mr. Greenbaum and comes up with a plan. But to carry out her plan, she must reveal his secret. What will she do?

This delightful picture book, illustrated beautifully by Patty Gallinger, is a story of acceptance, religious freedom and the act of giving (tzedakah). By combining the festivities of two holidays, Hartt-Snowbell teaches us a lesson in understanding and charity which should appeal to any child six and up.

ISBN 978-0929141-14-5/ Softcover / 32 pages / 8 1/4" x 9 1/2" /14 color illustrations / for ages 6-9 / $12.95 CDN, $10.95 U.S.

Coming in 2006 from Sarah Hartt-Snowbell: Vivian Untangled