Twyla Weixl was born in New Brunswick, but grew up on Canadian Air Force bases in France, Germany and Canada. Like many children who move frequently, Twyla found her solace in books and in writing. After attending high school in Ottawa and Edmonton, she travelled in Europe, and worked in various jobs throughout Canada: fast food cook, seamstress, jewellery designer, waitress and letter carrier among them. She later enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal, studying fine art and animation.

A visit to Germany in 1979 turned into twenty years of living and working in the city of Munich. Twyla has worked extensively in set design and as an assistant animator on feature films (including the children’s classic The Neverending Story) and in German television. She has also worked on product design (CD covers, shoes, toys) and has even designed the mascot for a popular pop/rock TV show in Germany.

A growing desire to write children’s stories increased with the birth of her son, Jasper, and Twyla began to tell stories at her son’s kindergarten. She is currently working on a young adult novel set in Alberta. Twenty-Two Feelings from Nice to Nasty, which Twyla has both written and illustrated, is her first book, and her first collaboration with Napoleon Publishing.

Twyla counts “natural places that haven’t been messed with”, and “handmade, personal art” amongst her many non-literary interests. She currently lives with Jasper in Munich.