Twenty-Two Feelings From Nice to Nasty

written and illustrated by Twyla Weixl

"...succeeds with short, snappy ditties that are humorous and soulful... Twenty-Two Feelings From Nice to Nasty should be added to every book collection." -Calgary Herald

Get in touch with your emotions! Twenty-two hilarious, larger than life children have our sympathy as they grapple with twenty-two very human emotions.

Meet Cora, who calmly cuddles crocodiles, and fearful Fritz who fears failing. Meet Louis who loves llamas and Herbie who loves Hanna. Laugh with them and cry with them as you recognize emotions you experience every day.

At the same time that she makes them laugh, author Twyla Weixl helps children increase their emotional vocabulary. Colourful, humourous and instructive.

ISBN 978-0929141-70-1 / softcover / ages 6 and up / 48 pages / softcover / 22 colour illustrations / 8 1/4 x 9 1/2 / $12.95 CDN, $11.95 U.S.