The Castle Key

by Karen Krossing

"...spellbinding from start to finish. A complex and fascinating story, The Castle Key is a superb first novel...This is one fantasy novel for young teens that is not to be missed." -Canadian Children's Literature

"Moon's narration is fast-paced and lively, smoothly blending the past-time sequences with the present. Recommended." -Canadian Book Review Annual

Twelve-year-old Moon lives with her father after her mother disappears, leaving her with nothing but a beautiful ring, which also mysteriously vanishes. After her mother's departure, her father has become unusually depressed and moody. Moon, however, firmly believes that she will see her mother again and develops a strong interest in magic as a way to find her. Her breakthrough comes when she finds a strange key in the office of Ms. Tanglemoth, the intimidating school librarian. When Moon holds the key, she is transported back in time as an invisible observer to the middle ages, where young Nora, who bears a strong resemblance to Moon's mother, is oppressed both by her father and his enemies. Moon gradually realizes that she and the key are the means to giving Nora's murdered ghost peace and to restoring her own mother to her. But how exactly is this to be accomplished?

ISBN 978-0929141-76-3 / ages 8-11 / softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 176 pages/ $8.95 CDN, $7.95 U.S.