Thanksgiving Day in Canada

by Krys Val Lewicki, illustrations by Ana Auml

Finally, the Canadian story of Thanksgiving, celebrating our past and educating our children about Canadian history and traditions. Presented in storybook form with 35 colourful illustrations, this Canada 125 Project also contains the words and music to a lively, original Thanksgiving song.

This best-selling, informative and beautiful picture book is a must for every Canadian library shelf!

Ages 7-8 / 8 1/4" x 9 1/2" / 40 pages / 35 full colour illustrations

Hardcover: ISBN 978-0292141-18-3; CDN $16.95, U.S. $12.95 /

Softcover: ISBN 978-0929141-36-7; CDN $11.95, U.S. $9.95 /

Fêtons l'Action de grâces (French edition): Hardcover: 0-929141-17-2; CDN $16.95, U.S. $14.95

Thanksgiving Day in Canada audio cassette: 0-929141-41-5 / CDN $7.95, U.S. $6.95

Listen to the audio version of this story as told by Krys Val Lewicki