Hubcaps and Puppies

by Rosemary Nelson

"...Nelson conveys in her writing the pleasure of being outdoors with animals, cantering through the woods on a horse, brushing the dog, watching turtles sun themselves on a log. It's a life many girls would find idyllic." -Quill and Quire

It's not easy having your own father for a teacher, but that's only one of twelve-year-old Nikki's problems. Her beloved dog has died, leaving a gaping hole in her life, which is thrown into further turmoil by the arrival of her long-lost eccentric grandmother from Australia. Life is pretty tense around Nikki's house, but Nikki relaxes by taking long rides on her horse and visiting a nearby secluded pond inhabited by a rare species of turtle.

Things do begin to get brighter when she receives an unwanted, runt puppy as a birthday present. She names the ugly little Border Collie Lucky and he flourishes under her care. As she and her grandmother begin working together, first of all at preparing a garden and then at training Lucky for the local agility trials, they eventually become friends and the grandmother begins telling Nikki about her crusades for the environment in Australia. When Nikki finds out that developers are planning to fill in her special pond to build a housing estate, wiping out the turtles' habitat, she decides to take a dangerous stand on the animals' behalf. But can she really take on a big developer and win?

Hubcaps and Puppies is not only a story about a girl, her dog and her horse, but also about the protection of the environment and the lessons that the older generation may have to teach the younger if they are willing to listen. Nelson writes in a fast-moving and energetic style, but her characters and situations are always realistic and believable.

ISBN 0-929141-98-9 / For ages 9-12 / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / $8.95 CDN, $7.95 U.S.

Dragon in the Clouds

by Rosemary Nelson

The Okanagan summer stretches out in front of twelve-year-old Nikki like a sparkling rainbow, with lots of time to spend at the beach and with her horse, Ginger. When her cousin Trevor arrives in his wheelchair, spoiling all her plans, they take an instant dislike to one another. But a vision in the clouds will change both her and Trevor's feelings about a lot of things and, in fact, will help make a dream come true as Trevor competes in the B.C. Games for the Physically Disabled.

ISBN 978-0929141-22-0 / Ages 9-12 / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 160 pages / CDN $7.95, U.S. $6.95

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Galena's Gift

by Rosemary Nelson

In The Golden Grasshopper, ten-year-old Lisa's and her cousin Paul's lives were changed forever when they met Gagar, from the planet Ylepithon. In Galena's Gift, Gagar returns with his precocious young daughter, asking Lisa, now a twelve-year-old grade sixer, to babysit her and teach her about life on Earth. How will Lisa and Paul accomplish this without arousing the suspicion of their fellow earthlings? Using her remarkable abilities, Galena is able to save a young alpaca close to Lisa's heart from a serious medical emergency. In return, Lisa unwittingly teaches Galena not only about life on earth, but about the most precious human emotion of all - love.

ISBN 978-0929141-56-5 / Ages 9-12 / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 144 pages / CDN $7.95, U.S. $6.95

The Golden Grasshopper

by Rosemary Nelson

"Well-written, funny and highly imaginative." - Canadian Book Review Annual

Lisa is a spunky, mischievous ten-year-old, living on a farm in British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley. In preparation for the school's Science Fair, Lisa convinces her classmate and cousin, Paul, that they should camp out on the front lawn one night to take pictures of UFOs. Paul is skeptical - likely just another one of Lisa's hairbrained ideas! But the pair get a whole lot more than they bargained for when a real, live alien appears on their front lawn. Suddenly, Lisa has radically new ideas about what she and Paul will do for the Science Fair!

ISBN 978-0929141-50-3 / Ages 9-12 / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 128 pages / CDN $6.95, U.S. $5.95