Picture books for the smallest story lovers, ages 2-5

A Little Something

by Sarah-Hartt-Snowbell, illustrations by June Bradford

When Sandy's daddy leaves for work in the morning, he blows Sandy a kiss. What follows is a wild adventure through the town, the countryside, the bogs and the marshes of the Land of Everywhere... to try to catch up to Daddy's kiss!

ISBN 978-0929141-60-2 / Ages 3-5 / Softcover / 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" / 40 pages / 24 full-colour illustrations / CDN $8.95, U.S. $7.95

Perfect Pals

by Robert McConnell, illustrations by June Bradford

Candy, Josie and Buddy are three canine friends whose days are filled with fun and friendship at the local park. But their happy days are threatened when two bullies named Riff and Raff drive them from their park, perhaps for good. When the three timid friends return, unable to keep themselves away from their favourite spot, the bullies are determined to do them serious harm.

This book teaches a valuable lesson that every child should learn, that if good friends stand together, bullies soon find out that they're not as tough as they thought.

ISBN 978-0929141-72-5 / Ages 2-5 / Softcover / 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" / 40 pages/ 23 full-colour illustrations / CDN $8.95, U.S. $7.95

Wizzo and the Cookie Babies

written and illustrated by Gina Calleja

This gentle and humorous story gives youngsters the reassuring message that the world cherishes children. Wizzo the Wizard, who lives on the moon, becomes bored while his wife is away on a trip, so he decides to bake a batch of cookies. But he makes a mistake in the recipe and, when Ms. Wizzo returns, she finds the house full of real, live babies - one hundred and forty-four, to be exact! Of course, she loves them all!

ISBN 978-0929141-21-3 / Ages 3-5 / Softcover / 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" / 48 pages / 28 full-colour illustrations / CDN $8.95, U.S. $7.95