Krys was born in England in 1948 and was already performing at the age of three over Radio Free Europe. Sailing to Canada at age six, he settled in Toronto where he attended St. Michael’s College School and the University of Toronto.

As a youth, Krys was very active in sports, excelling at track and field and hockey. He was also a Cub and Scout counsellor. As an adult, Krys continues to work with children both as an athletic coach and as an entertainer.

As a musician and songwriter, Krys has toured every province and territory in Canada for over 15 years. He has made many recordings, played on television and radio and backed many performers such as Charley Pride and Ian Tyson. He has toured clubs, prisons, colleges, fairs, children’s shows, hospitals and army bases and as a member of the group “Skarecrow”, was included in the book Profiles of Canada’s Pop Music Pioneer’s. As a solo artist, he has done session work and commercial jingles. He has also worked as a writer, arranger and producer with Art Snider, musical director of the Tommy Hunter Show. Recordings of his song “Polonaise in Flames” raised money for the Polish Solidarity movement.

As a writer, Krys has ghost-written a medical book and published a book of poems called Verdigris. His poetry has been included in the book An Anthology of English Verse, a compilation of new international poets.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is Krys’s first book for children.