Born and raised in Toronto, Nav has been writing since the first moment her parents placed a blank journal and a sharp pencil in front of her. The incoherent thoughts soon became short stories, and the short stories eventually found their way to a full-length novel, Under the Moonlit Sky (Spring 2010).

Appreciating the hard work of her parents, who both migrated to Canada from Punjab, India in the 1970s and 1980s, Nav obtained an Honours Degree in Political Science from York University, followed by Law School at the University of London, in England. During this time, she also engaged in youth politics, government and human rights. These activities included the Model UN at university and in running for election as city councillor in her hometown of Brampton, Ontario.

She also contributed editorials to various ethnic newspapers, where she discussed relevant community issues and offered political commentary. She has been published in the Toronto Star and has also been featured in the same paper for her attempts to bring political awareness to the youth in her area. She can be visited online at