The Jennifer Bannon Novels by Brenda Chapman

Trail of Secrets

Is Jennifer the only one not keeping a secret?

In the fourth and final instalment in the Jennifer Bannon mystery series, Jennifer begins Grade Eleven at Springhills High, where her life is far from settled. Her mother has moved to L.A. with her new husband, Jennifer’s boyfriend moves to McGill to study pre-med and Jennifer fears their relationship will not survive the separation. She's worried about her best friend Ambie who has been secretly e-mailing the biological father she has never met.

 This story deals with themes of belonging, friendship and loss. While Jennifer struggles to find her place in a family separated by divorce and with friendships marked by change, she must learn how to rely on herself.

ISBN 978-1-894917-76-6, $9.95, 144 pages, ages 12+, 5.125” x 7.5”, softcover

Where Trouble Leads

This summer camp isn’t what it seems...

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon agrees to spend her summer as a camp counsellor at White Pine Camp with her best friend Ambie and her younger sister Leslie.

But Jennifer’s summer in the isolated wilderness on Georgian Bay turns into a roller coaster ride of suspense and danger. 

Not all is as it appears, and Jennifer is quickly entangled in camp mysteries and the deep secrets of girls assigned to her cabin. There are mysterious after-lights-out activities and strange people who catch Jennifer’s eye, including a particular male counsellor. When Jennifer discovers somebody lurking in the woods past curfew, she knows that her first responsibility is to the girls in her charge, but she is nevertheless determined to find out what lies beneath the surface. What she discovers in the woods leads her to believe that someone is smuggling drugs and using the camp as a cover-up.

As the summer heats up, suspense reaches a boiling point, and Jennifer must race to solve the mysteries of White Pine before tragedy rocks the camp.  

ISBN 978-1894917-44-5 / ages  11+ / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2", 128 pages / Cdn. $9.95, U.S. $9.95

Hiding in Hawk's Creek

Fourteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon cannot face another boring summer in Springhills. She convinces her mother to let her spend July at her grandmother's cottage in Hawk's Creek. She does not reveal that her plan is to live with her grandmother forever in order to avoid the problems back home. But Hawk's Creek holds dark secrets, and Jennifer is soon drawn into the troubled world of Audrey Musquash, a Native girl accused of stealing and being out of control. In this tale of suspense and haunting friendship, Jennifer must face truths that will change her perspective on life forever.

ISBN 978-1894917-24-7 / Ages 10 and up / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 136 pages / Cdn. $9.95, U.S. $8.95

Shortlisted for the CLA's Children's Book of the Year!

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Running Scared

"...Chapman manages to cast suspicion equally on several characters, keeping the reader guessing right to the end of the book. Chapman's work is certain to please mystery fans and may convert other readers to the genre. Highly Recommended." -Canadian Materials (4 star review)

"It's refreshing to find a young adult's novel with a heroine who doesn't just react to events, but instead does her best to use her energy and abilities to solve her problems. This is a good read and would probably interest boys as well as girls...solving problems and working out mysteries appeals to all ages." -Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal

Feeling somehow to blame for her father's absence, thirteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon struggles to hang on to her dream that he will return and they can be a family again - a dream that doesn’t include her mother's new boyfriend, nights of looking after her little sister or a ninth grade year that is rapidly going down the toilet. Finally — after two years of waiting — Jennifer learns that her father is back in town, and suddenly the dream seems within reach. However, hope quickly turns to horror when Jennifer witnesses an event that threatens to tear apart her family and perhaps destroy the life of someone she loves.

Will Jennifer be able to unravel the mystery in time, or will keeping a secret turn deadly?

ISBN 978-1894917-14-8 / Ages 10 and up / Softcover / 5 1/8" x 7 1/2" / 128 pages / Cdn. $8.95, U.S. $7.95