Lucy Lemay Cellucci is a native of North Bay, Ontario. Upon graduating from post-secondary studies, she moved to Ottawa, where she currently resides with her husband and two young children.

Lucy is employed as a dance educator in a small dance studio. Here she has had the tremendous opportunity to work daily with young adults, her chosen reading audience.

Although passionate about teaching dance, her first love is the written word. A self-professed "closet writer", she spent her childhood and adolescence writing poetry and short stories. As an adult, her writing took a back seat for several years until an idea for a story could no longer be ignored.

"Zoe was with me everywhere I went. I would hear her voice, catch myself thinking her thoughts…" Sitting down to write the novel was the only way to get Zoe out of Lucy’s head.

True Colours is Lucy’s debut novel. Pay her a visit online at: