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Kerry Kelly

Kerry Kelly is a native of North Bay, Ontario. Her writing career began at the tender age of three, when she took a pen to the introductory pages inside the volumes of the family encyclopedia set. No blank sheet of paper has been safe since.

A few years later, a chance to read a ghost story for CFCH North Bay's Hallowe'en radio broadcast introduced her to the fascinating world of radio broadcasting. Then, riding the high of the Honourable Mention received for a submission to a school writing contest in middle school, Kerry decided a career that allowed her to write all day was the way to go.

She holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ottawa's Carleton University. It was there that she was reintroduced to the bond between writing stories and telling them.

She has been a full-time professional print and web writer since 1998. Her byline has appeared in publications such as the Toronto Star, Now magazine, the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, the Sudbury Star, and the North Bay Nugget. She has covered a broad range of political, economic and social issues in her writing career.

She likes both the Rock and the Roll, and while she has yet to call Toronto her home, she's happy to admit she lives there.