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Laurie Channer

Tall, non-fat, blond, extra-conflicted to go

Circumstances force Dag, a young snowboarder, to give up his sport and to find another way to live. He embarks on two paths, the first a subsistence job as a barista in a coffee mega-chain, where he works hard to be a worker extraordinaire. He also invents an online alter ego who pronounces his own brand of wisdom and rant, expressing what Dag can't in his role of coffee slave.

Dag doesn't know who he is any more. Crapped out of his sport. Can do no right by his best friend. Can do no wrong by his girl roommate. Pursued by the corporate paranoia of his coffee overlords. Baiting the world with his blog.

Dag's brewing a 21st century identity crisis that will scald everyone in his path.

ISBN 978-1-894917-66-7, $22.95 CDN/US, 384 pages, trade paper

* this title is also available as an ebook from Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble